Our online practicals may answer your questions about our Saas CAQDAS and natural language analysis software

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In order to get you soaring without delay, we provide practical information about the processes involved in uploading and analyzing your data with our revolutionary software, right here on the public pages of our website. We've divided that information into ten sections, which are linked below.

If you don’t find below the topic that you are looking for, consider looking at our FAQs, technicals, or tutorials. You'll find that our video tutorials follow the same basic flow as these practicals, while our technicals discuss methodological and psychological foundations (including our preferred method for data analysis). If you're looking for examples of Raven's Eye in use, including an application of Quantitative Phenomenology to survey data, you might look at the demonstrations or experimentations listed in the laboratories section of our website. If you still don’t find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us.

In the preparing your data section, we provide an overview of the things you need to do, in order to prepare your data for analysis by Raven’s Eye.

Logging in discusses the brief process of logging in to our online software, while also describing the Raven’s Eye menu bar and main window.

Uploading your data explains how to save your data as projects for analysis.

Classifying your columns briefly details how to tell Raven’s Eye what types of data are in each column of your project.

Understanding your results discusses various practical aspects of the user interface through which your results are presented. Included is description of the menu bar and main table.

Comparing your variables discusses how to compare the results of different states or classes of variables while providing detailed explanation of the subsample comparisons table generated when doing so.

Working with previously uploaded projects describes how to access previously uploaded projects for the purposes of continuing an interrupted analysis, or to reclassify their associated data.

Exporting your results illustrates the step taken to download your results to your computer or device for local analysis and presentation.

Signing out provides description of the few steps involved in signing out of Raven’s Eye.

Recovering lost and forgotten usernames or passwords, which provides information about the procedures to take if you cannot remember your username or password.