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  • When paired with a representative sample, our hybrid CAQDAS provides generalizable results

Er=Wpa + Ipi : The summation of panoramic wisdom and piercing insight.

Cloud-based software with clear and unlimited horizons.

Raven's Eye offers its users both an expansive view of the landscape of human thoughts, values, and opinions on a given topic, and also telescopic insight into the way that these thoughts, values, and opinions change across groups, spaces, and times.


Commercial enterprises.

Business organizations and industry groups can utilize Raven’s Eye to understand their stakeholders like never before. Raven’s Eye helps you rapidly and reliably uncover key thoughts and opinions in your company’s natural language data, be it in in written or spoken formats. In doing so, it also helps you develop summary statements, which utilize the language of your stakeholders themselves. As a result, Raven’s Eye facilities the timely ability to communicate your deep understanding of stakeholder needs and desires, in highly resonant language. So, use Raven’s Eye to analyze data from such activities as:

Whatever your commercial interests are, as long as you can acquire a representative sample of natural language data about them in one or more of 65 languages, Raven’s Eye will help you gain unprecedented perspective.

Example survey results: What do you most like about living in your part of your state?

I love the beautiful scenery. The foremost model statement from Washington State.
I like the diversity of people here from different cultures. The foremost model statement from New York State.


Research and academic institutions.

Built on science, Raven’s Eye meets the scientific, scholarly, and service needs of faculty, staff, and students of academic institutions. Indeed, members of academic institutions will find Raven’s Eye to be an integral tool for a multitude of purposes. Previous investigations with Quantitative Phenomenology, the method on which Raven’s Eye is based, indicate that it is useful for a number of human and social sciences, such as:


Non-profits and government.

Because its founders served the public in previous careers, Raven’s Eye understands that governmental and non-profit organizations often have intensive data analytic needs. Raven’s Eye can help your organization produce reliable, valid, and understandable reports related to:

  • client or consumer satisfaction
  • community awareness and perception
  • cultural competency
  • gap analyses
  • internal quality assurance
  • needs assessments
  • process consultation
  • program evaluation

If you are engaged in serving the public, then Raven’s Eye can help you do so while remaining confidently aware of your program or service’s outcomes and perceptions.