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On the novel coronavirus.

At Raven's Eye, our mission is to promote accurate understanding.

If you represent a public health organization working to address the needs of those affected by the coronavirus, we're here to help!

Let us help you understand your community's needs, and respond in ways that will speak to them. Contact us for your free subscription and enterprise-level consultation.

For others continuing to create understanding while adapting to your work-from-here-and-there life, we've temporarily increased our new user discount to 20% off the first billing term.

Simply enter the code: NewUser in the Coupon box during checkout.

May you and yours be well,

The Raven's Eye Team

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Our prices are structured according to the Median Wealth Index, as published in the Global Wealth Report by Credit-Suisse. To see the price adjusted for your local currency and economy, select the Buy Now button of the software subscription term that best suits your needs.

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Multilingual automated voice-to-text transcription services.

Our automated voice-to-text transcription services are provided as a convenience to our subscribers through our partnership with IBM's Watson (our focus is on natural language analysis, not speech recognition). We partnered with IBM's Watson because of their state-of-the art capabilities in multilingual (and accent regulated) speech recognition. However, we partner to provide this service (and do not provide it ourselves) for a reason: The state-of-the-art in automated voice-to-text transcription is highly dependent on multiple factors, including several related to the content of the audio recording itself.

We looked at quite a few options before deciding to partner with IBM's Watson, and did so because Watson is indeed a world leader in automatic voice-to-text transcription, with an excellent record of accuracy. However, the state-of-the-art in automatic voice-to-text transcription is not yet reliably ready for the range in audio quality that often exists between recordings made on hand-held digital recorders at one end of the spectrum, and professional grade microphone headsets or lapel microphones on the other. Rather, the state-of-the-art is generally only reliable toward the professional grade portion of the spectrum.

If your Institutional Review Board allows, individual researchers with recordings made on hand-held recording devices or less-than mid-grade microphones—i.e, desk microphones generally costing less than $70, headset microphones of less than $30, or lavalier microphones of less than $20—may find best outcomes through acquiring human transcription services provided by others. We've found these generally cost about $1.00 or more per minute, and take around 24 hours or more to receive results.

Call centers, communications and marketing companies, and institutional researchers with audio recordings made with industry standard equipment, however, will generally find IBM Watson's transcription services to be quite efficient for their large-scale needs.

In either case, and even though we incur a cost for doing so, we provide 100 free transcription minutes with every subscription. That way, you can test out the results yourself without additional charge (see our practicals and technicals for more documentation and guidance on doing so.

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The minutes you purchase remain valid so long as the software license account with which they are associated remains in good standing. Unused minutes are non-redeemable and non-transferrable.

If you would like to pay by purchase order or corporate check, please contact us. Likewise, please contact us if you would like to discuss the bulk purchase of minutes greater than those listed, including institutional packages and enterprise services. You’ll be prompted again during checkout, but please examine our terms of use before your purchase.

The language page of our technicals provides detailed information on specific language availability for transcription services, while the uploading your data page of our practicals provides step-by-step instructions for uploading and converting audio files into text.