Soar with the creators.

Raven's Eye is an online natural language analysis tool based on Quantitative Phenomenology, an innovative interdisciplinary scientific method. Raven's Eye provides its users with dynamic, powerful, and instantaneous automated analyses of natural language spoken in 9 different languages and written in 65 different languages. In doing so, it facilitates an incomparably intimate and multifaceted understanding of people, as well as the ability to speak to them in highly resonant ways.

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Understand people’s thoughts.

Raven’s Eye lets individuals and organizations involved in academics, business, government, public service, research, and other industries understand the thoughts, values, perspectives, and opinions of their constituents with unparalleled ease and accuracy. Raven's Eye automatically analyzes and organizes data according to the thoughts of any sampled population, and the themes it produces are expressed in the sampled population’s own vocabulary. In doing so, it provides powerful and instantaneous insight into the thoughts evoked, and words used to describe, an experience or perspective.

Speak to people in ways that will resonate with them.

Raven's Eye’s instantaneous analyses allow researchers and organizations to rapidly develop precisely constructed messages that speak effectively to their stakeholder groups. As a result, Raven's Eye revolutionizes the ability to speak to people in ways that reflect a deep appreciation and empathic understanding of their thoughts and experiences. Let Raven’s Eye transform your ability to describe how your mission, brand, organization, product, or service either meets a common need, or coincides with an important group identity, value, or perspective.

I am most thankful for my family because they love me, and have always been there for me.One of several synthetically generated messages integrating popular concepts while preserving the voice of participants in our 2018 study on Thankfulness in the United States.

Be at ease in flight.

Raven's Eye automatically analyzes natural language data according to the procedures of Quantitative Phenomenology, making it the most dynamic and empowering natural language data analysis software available.


Explore natural language data like never before: Raven's Eye provides actionable results within seconds. Focus in on detailed differences in thought patterns associated with individually varying characteristics, or acquire a broad perspective by identifying common themes across groups and times, or do both in mere seconds; Raven's Eye makes natural language analysis a dynamic experience.


Raven's Eye empowers organizational and research productivity by turning hours and days of error-prone manual transcription, data entry, and data coding into seconds of automatic analysis. Its web-based design empowers mobility and multiplatform access for use here and there with Internet access, and everywhere via downloadable results.

Don't fall prey.

Many computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software (CAQDAS) programs claim to benefit users in terms of analysis and efficiency. In the end, however, most such software programs actually do little if any analysis, and the efficiency of their use still depends on multiple external and human factors. Raven's Eye automatically analyzes data for you in a matter of seconds.