Meaning of life.

What is the meaning of life? Raven’s Eye is conducting an international study of the meaning of life, and we’d like your help. Help us better understand this life that we find ourselves sharing, by supplying your answers to the survey below.

Take a moment to review our informed consent, and then fill out the survey below. When you’re done, take a look at the early returns from our survey on the meaning of life among 346 Amazon Turk workers in the United States and India.
Informed consent.
Raven’s Eye is conducting a short survey about perspectives on the meaning of life. The purposes of this study are both to more fully understand contemporary perspectives on the meaning of life across the world, and to demonstrate how Raven’s Eye can help researchers do so.

It should take 3-5 minutes to complete this survey. The survey consists of 2 questions about your perspective on the meaning of life (requiring short written responses), and 3 demographic questions.

Your participation is voluntary. No personal risk is anticipated from participating in this survey, though some may experience a mild degree of discomfort when considering the topics covered in our survey. However, we anticipate such discomfort to be no greater than a person would experience when watching the news on television, or reading the newspaper. Benefits from participation are likewise limited, but include the modest satisfaction of having added to our understanding of the meaning of life.

If some of the information you provide could potentially personally identify you, we will not reveal it to others. Help us ensure your confidentiality by avoiding the use of personal names or other information that you feel could identify you personally. Aggregated or summarized results of our study may be reported in scientific journals, news outlets, and on our Website.

If you have questions or comments about participating in this study, feel free to email us through our contact form. Please write the name of this study in the subject text-box of the contact form.

By submitting your results, you acknowledge reading and understanding the terms and content of this survey, and agree to participate according to those terms. You further acknowledge that you are legally able to provide your informed consent to participate in this study (i.e., you are 18-years-old, or older).

Thank you much,

Raven’s Eye
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Current results.

Access the early returns from the United States and India on our demonstrations page.

Questions, comments, or media enquiries.

If you have a question or comment on this study, please contact us. If you would like to check out other current surveys and experiments, please visit our Experimentations page.