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Creating nests.

Blog and listserv.

Raven’s Eye is dedicated to fostering knowledge in our members’ communities. Toward that end, we’ve developed our public blog. We also maintain a members-only email listserv to help you be the first to receive information about accomplishments, developments, and publications utilizing Raven’s Eye. The blog and listserv also provide our members with updates on Raven’s Eye, including new features and functions, tips for using the software in novel ways, and other useful information.

Become a member of Raven’s Eye community, and be among the first to receive information about cutting edge research and resources. To sign-up for the email listserv, simply check the appropriate box when you purchase our software. If you’ve purchased Raven’s Eye and forgot to check the box, send us an email.

Discounts for referring colleagues.

If you spread the word about Raven’s Eye, you not only help your colleagues, but you help yourself as well. Raven’s Eye offers discounted subscriptions to those whose referrals to colleagues result in new members. If you are a member of Raven’s Eye, and your referral leads a colleague to become a member, we’ll give you a discount on your next year’s license. Contact us for more information.

Conference demonstrations and local trainings.

If you are proficient at Raven’s Eye and would like to demonstrate it at a conference vendor table, or hold a local training to help others learn about our innovative software, please contact us about becoming a certified Raven’s Eye trainer.

Humanitarian research.

At Raven's Eye, we support the betterment of humanity and our planet. As a result, we provide a limited number of humanitarian awards to researchers whose research interests benefit the health and wellbeing of humanity or our planet.
Each year, on a rolling basis and at our discretion, Raven's Eye provides free subscriptions to researchers who can demonstrate how the completion of their research will benefit either humanity at large, or the environments it inhabits.
These humanitarian awards are open to all researchers, including graduate and undergraduate students. To qualify for an award, researchers must include natural language analysis in their research, which must be focused on a topic that meaningfully betters either humanity, or planetary environments, or both. Successful applicants will also be able to demonstrate the ability to produce results that are publishable or presentable in scholarly and scientific venues.
Contact us for more information about our humanitarian awards, or for application materials.
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