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Er=Wpa + Ipi : The summation of panoramic wisdom and piercing insight.

Corvid vision.

Raven's Eye offers its users both an expansive view of the landscape of human thoughts, values, and opinions on a given topic, and also telescopic insight into the way that these thoughts, values, and opinions change across groups, spaces, and times.

Panoramic wisdom.

Raven's Eye lets researchers reliably and validly explore thoughts about a topic of their selection, according to any characteristic they care to collect. Analysts can, as a result, use Raven’s Eye to reliably account for variation in thoughts on a topic according to such social and group characteristics as:
  • age
  • browser type
  • customer status
  • ethnicity
  • gender
  • geographic location
  • political affiliation
  • referral source
  • student status
Or, track some other variable. Whatever group characteristics are important to your purpose, the panoramic wisdom of Raven’s Eye will reveal the thoughts that both unite, and divide, your stakeholders.

Piercing insight.

Not only does Raven’s Eye characterize the thoughts of groups, but it also identifies individually specific traits and tendencies, in a matter of moments. Investigators can, as a result, utilize Raven’s Eye to examine such individual characteristics as:
  • cognitive tendencies
  • emotionality
  • intellectual functioning
  • interests
  • mood state
  • motivation
  • needs
  • personal experiences
  • personality traits
  • sentiment
Whatever psychological or social insight you’d like into individuals, as long as you can collect an appropriate sample of relevant written natural language, Raven’s Eye will provide it faster and more reliably than any other available method or product.
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Under the feathers.

Raven’s Eye represents the synergy of cutting-edge science and lightning-fast technology. Whether analyzing data collected during an ongoing series of small focus groups or a large nationally representative poll (or something in-between), Raven's Eye handles large and complicated data sets with unprecedented speed and accuracy.


Developed by scientists, Raven's Eye is based on Quantitative Phenomenology, which is a robustly reliable and systematic method for identifying themes in natural language. Raven’s Eye calculates the overrepresentation of word-based themes by comparing your collected natural language samples to representative linguistic corpora, and each other. Based on what is known as the lexical hypothesis, these calculations reveal how strongly certain words and themes are associated with the question posed, or topic at-hand in the sampled population. Along the way, they also reveal key characteristics, thoughts, values, perspectives, and opinions of your participants.
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Figure 1. A screenshot from analysis of the 2012 Democratic and Republican political platforms, combined.

Objective coding.

By automatically and systematically coding data according to preset algorithms, Raven's Eye sets new standards for reliability and validity in natural language analysis. No more settling for unnecessarily limited sample sizes, marginal interrater reliabilities, subjective coding, and difficulties with generalizing results. Built on pioneering science, Raven’s Eye expands the frontiers of genuine understanding.
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Figure 2. A screenshot from analysis of headlines and snippets from news coverage of President Obama on CNN and Fox News during the week of 1/27/15-2/2/15.


Raven's Eye utilizes advanced and Big Data technology to reveal trends in natural language patterns, which cannot be revealed manually without hours and days of time, effort, and stress. Raven’s Eye works automatically on samples written naturally in the English language, and saved in any spreadsheet or database that exports to .CSV file formats. This includes written or transcribed responses to surveys, interviews, or focus groups, as well as collections of written works. Explore patterns in posts to social networking sites, identify themes from a product focus group or customer feedback cards, or find out what Nietzsche emphasized in Thus Spake Zarathustra; Raven’s Eye will analyze it all.
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Figure 3. A screenshot from analysis of Thus Spake Zarathustra, as translated by Thomas Commons and available via project Gutenberg.

Data and analysis in the cloud.

Raven's Eye jettisons the restrictive single-user, single-computer license model used by other qualitative and quantitative data analysis software programs, which tethers researchers to their desks. Available anywhere with Internet connection, and everywhere via downloadable data, feel free to connect yourselves and others to your data like never before. Connect with and instantaneously explore your textual data across multiple platforms, operating systems, and browsers. With Raven’s Eye, you don’t have to worry about losing your ability to access or analyze data, if your computer is damaged or lost. You’ll also always have continuous access to the latest updates, and features, so that you won’t be limited based on when you purchase our software.
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Figure 4. It is indeed that easy.
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